The Story So Far

After successfully completing a solo 180km board paddle for charity from Newcastle to Bondi Beach in March 2015
I decided to raise the bar! In 2016 I will begin the challenge of a lifetime where
I paddle my way from Newcastle NSW, north to Noosa QLD over 1000km.

This paddle is my voice and symbol; it is my way of representing the struggle and personal battles I have overcome in my life. Through doing this paddle I hope to raise funds and much needed awareness for domestic violence and ocean conservation. Through this paddle I not only wish to create a voice and spread the awareness message, but I wish to empower and encourage girls and women to aspire towards their dreams and to have a voice of their own!

I am a 28 year old professional ocean lifeguard, physical education teacher, triathlete and creative. Each day I push social stigmas and norms of women’s role within the workforce. Working as an ocean lifeguard has its many diverse challenges, however my history as a semi professional triathlete along with a vivid and diverse sporting history all plays its role in my professional performance at work.

My preparation for this paddle hasn’t been ideal, I have recently undergone major ankle surgery. Despite this set back I still managed to begin my paddle training along the Newcastle coastline and harbor. Unfortunately 7 weeks into my recovery phase I slipped post training one morning and managed to re injure my recovering ankle. My Achilles tendon was completely ruptured and separated from the bone.

I am now about to undergo another major surgery to reattach the tendon and begin the healing process all over again.

Follow my journey of recovery ups and downs as I ready myself, both mentally, physically and emotionally for my upcoming 1000km paddle of a lifetime.

This mermaid has a message…

Recent News

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Day 40 Rest Day
Day 40 Rest Day

Waking up knowing I had a rest day off the water set me up for a day of high spirits, unfortunately I wasn't able to embrace any kind of sleep in; Nic and I were off to visit the Sunshine…

Day 35 Point Lookout To Moreton Island
Day 35 Point Lookout to Moreton Island

This morning was yet another slow and arduous one where I attempted to stall the paddle start over and over again. My lack of energy and life became the new normal, the constant foggy head and subtle unawareness to my…

Day 39 Caloundra To Mooloolaba
Day 39 Caloundra to Mooloolaba

Day 39 - Caloundra to Mooloolaba The spirits were high and the winds were up... I was feeling all optimistic about the day ahead, i was starting to almost let myself enjoy the journey and the moments out on the…

Day 43 Sunshine Beach To Noosa Heads
Day 43 Sunshine Beach to Noosa Heads

Waking up knowing I had very little to paddle was an added bonus as I contemplated just what I’ve done over the past month and a bit. We decided to launch the jet ski from Noosa River and drop me…

Day 42 Coolum To Sunshine
Day 42 Coolum to Sunshine

Sleep ins don’t happen, I’m not sure I even know what they are anymore. I think I was awake with anticipation and excitement, today my ex lifeguard supervisor was my water support crew. Its been absolute years since I’ve seen…

Day 38 Caloundra To Mooloolaba
Day 38 Caloundra to Mooloolaba

Waking up to see a heap of severe weather warnings on your phone is not always the most positive start to a day. I knew whatever happened I just had to get organized as quickly as possible, everything today was…

Day 37 Bribie Island To Caloundra
Day 37 Bribie Island to Caloundra

Im beginning to sound like a broken record each and every morning as I groan with absolute exhaustion and dread of putting on cold wet wetsuits. But it doesn’t matter how much I complain or how bad I feel I…

Day 36 Rest Day
Day 36 Rest Day

  I woke up this morning feeling drained and unenthused, despite today being a rest day. We had decided to try and sleep in but as usual my body clock kicked in and I was up and moving before the…

Day 30  Pottsville – Coolangatta
Day 30 Pottsville – Coolangatta

Waking up knowing I was now well and truly in qld waters was amazing, I was ready surprisingly quickly for a change and it was the morning logistics that delayed the paddle start. The conditions were due to spike a…

Day 34 South Moreton Island
Day 34 South Moreton Island

It was agreed that the team would all have a semi sleep in and a later start on the water. This was in aid of potentially assisting me with motivation and energy. I guess it worked even just as a…

Day 33 North Stradbroke Island To Point Lookout
Day 33 North Stradbroke Island to Point Lookout

This morning was a morning I dreaded having to paddle, while physically I knew I had the capabilities it was the mental strength I was truly suffering with. Nick and Beechy went to launch the ski while I was left…

Day 32 Surfers Paradise To South Stradbroke Island
Day 32 Surfers Paradise to South Stradbroke Island

I’m waking up a whole lot earlier than I should these days, but I’m almost getting used to that as well. Despite staying in some incredibly cozie accommodation as I migrate north I’m still not settled, not comfortable and riddled…

Day 31 The Gold Coast Stretch – Rest Day
Day 31 The Gold Coast Stretch – Rest Day

  Waking up at an unusually early time still very much in the dark was not creating an overly enthusiastic mermaid, however the reason for the wake up I knew would be well worth it! Over a month ago, quite…

Day 29 Byron To Pottsville
Day 29 Byron to Pottsville

Yet another early start to the day as the Byron Surf Club came alive from all hours of the morning with  members in the gym, the gear shed's and diving into the ocean to start their day off the best…

Day 28 Rest Day In Byron
Day 28 Rest Day in Byron

Sleeping in a surf club is always interesting, especially on a weekend. There is always the usual traffic of locals walking through from 5:30am onwards to use the gym, so sleep in’s on rest days are unlikely. After an eventful…

Day 27 Ballina To Byron
Day 27 Ballina to Byron

My internal body clock now insists on waking me up at 6am, in reality its not too early but i do aim to make ample time of what sleep i can get. With the constant moving and change it is…

Day 26 Evans Head To Ballina
Day 26 Evans Head to Ballina

Waking up to an overcast day didn’t help to brighten my mood but I did try to hide that I was feeling a little glum. We left our warm, comforting shelter and ventured down the road to Chinaman’s Beach to…

Day 25 Esk To Evans Head
Day 25 Esk to Evans Head

I woke up with a sense of deja vu as Nic comes bursting into my room with the daily bowl of concrete porridge and comical jokes. Today was one of the highly logistical days amongst the 43 paddle days, while…

Day 24 Yamba To Esk
Day 24 Yamba to Esk

This morning i was poked awake by Nick as he informed me that breakfast was ready and next to me, off to a good start having breaki in bed! Moments later he ran the latest of his pick up lines…

Day 23 Brooms Head To Yamba
Day 23 Brooms Head to Yamba

Waking up in a blacked out cabin room and feeling rested beyond belief had me all smiles, having Nick bring me a breakfast smoothy in bed was just taking things to the next level! Im sure its difficult to imagine…

Day 22 Wooli – Brooms Head
Day 22 Wooli – Brooms Head

We all piled into the Mermaid Hilux and drove north to Brooms Head, after a fitful nights sleep writhing in agony from the pains in my shoulder and back I decided to take another rest day to allow myself sometime…

Day 21 Woolgoolga To Wooli Rest Day
Day 21 Woolgoolga to Wooli Rest Day

Waking up to overlook the ocean is truly growing on me the more i stay in surf clubs! Wandering down to the beach its always fun meeting and greeting the locals, who yet again happened to be more teachers. There…

Day 20 Coffs Harbour To Woolgoolga
Day 20 Coffs Harbour to Woolgoolga

The Coffs Harbour departure was fairly relaxed, plenty of jokes and sarcasm as usual to begin the day. I paddled out from Park beach due to the major convenience factor of staying in the Lifeguard headquarters there! The currents, swell…

Day 19 Urunga To Coffs Harbour
Day 19 Urunga to Coffs Harbour

What a humbling send off that was, i had the beautiful support of Urunga Surf Club members with me on the waters edge as well as a group on the over looking headland. There was a bit of a surf…

Day 18 Scotts Head To Urunga
Day 18 Scotts Head to Urunga

So today was a very different pace to the usual, the team decided that a river paddle was in order; and what  a good idea that turned out to be! The ease of paddling with a constantly changing surrounding did…

Day 16 South West Rocks Rest Day
Day 16 South West Rocks Rest Day

Today was a rest day due to the agonising pain i was in from the previous days paddle both mentally and physically. I was seriously excited about a sleep in, excited like you can’t even imagine (actually maybe you can)!…

Day 17 Scotts Head To South West Rocks
Day 17 Scotts Head to South West Rocks

Yes this title reads wrong…I am supposed to be paddling north not south, however due to conditions the game plan changed so i didn’t have to attempt to battle the elements. Major positive for the right shoulder that seems to…

Day 15 Hat Head To South West Rocks
Day 15 Hat Head to South West Rocks

Waking up this morning to a grey drizzle didn’t seem to put me off, after the previous two days of progression i almost felt un stoppable…almost.  I had such a beautiful little send off this morning with a few local…

Day 14 Crescent Head To Hat Head
Day 14 Crescent Head to Hat Head

Waking up feeling refreshed after yesterdays mammoth paddle was an all round bonus! Thankfully Jess stuck around and was prepared to help me suit up pre paddle as the whole sheep fat thing has made all my wetsuits pretty sticky…

Day 13 Port Macquarie To Crescent Head
Day 13 Port Macquarie to Crescent Head

Waking up to the sound of my mermaid sister Jess’s voice was almost surreal, with both Nic and Jess on the Mermaid land crew today things were twice as fast and twice as efficient as usual! The mermaid crew was…

Day 12 East Coast Low Forced Rest Day
Day 12 East Coast Low Forced Rest Day

Mother nature 2: Juliana 0 Waking up with yet another stunning ocean view of this beautiful east coast never seems to get old, however it was pretty obvious that the east coast low was having a solid go at hindering…

Day 11 Camden Haven To Port Macquarie
Day 11 Camden Haven to Port Macquarie

Mother nature 1- Juliana 0 Waking up in the Camden Haven SLSC was breathtaking, the sunrise was stunning beyond words.  The entire front of the building was glass and each window frame seemed to centre and frame the sunrise perfectly.…

Day 10 Crowdy Head To Camden Haven
Day 10 Crowdy Head to Camden Haven

Sleeping in the Crowdy Head SLSC was seriously relaxing, plenty of room, views for days and even the luxury of a tv! I knew weather conditions were not 100% in my favour for the day of paddling ahead, but thought…

Day 9 Rest Day In Old Bar/Taree
Day 9 Rest day in Old Bar/Taree

We had a pretty  efficient pack up this morning in the resort, i think spirits and moods were fairly high 1, because it was a rest day and 2 because i promised the boys we would go to see the…

Day 8 Old Bar To Crowdy Head
Day 8 Old Bar to Crowdy Head

Waking up this morning was painful, mentally painful; everything was slow my movements, my thoughts and the morning itself. We headed down to the Old Bar Surf Club at 9am where i was lucky enough to have another local escort/paddler…

Day 7 Forster To Old Bar
Day 7 Forster to Old Bar

Today was officially the first morning i have woken with a clear head, the foggy cloud has finally passed on over. I actually felt surprisingly good considering i had bloodshot eyes and bags for days under my eyes, i guess…

Day 6 Seal Rocks To Forster
Day 6 Seal Rocks to Forster

Fun Facts with Jules… I have discovered i suffer with sea sickness. Kind of awkward, kind of funny! But there you go. A mermaid who who suffers sea sickness!!! Sleep last night was disturbed and not ideal, i woke up…

Day 5 Broughton To Seal Rocks Blog
Day 5 Broughton to Seal Rocks Blog

Waking up on an uninhabited island with just 8 humans is always an interesting time, waking up as the only female of 7 men on an island is always a hilarious time. I think the laughing that was done on…

Day 4 Shoal Bay To Broughton Island
Day 4 Shoal Bay to Broughton Island

After a late night to bed post rest day antics and late night salsa lessons i awoke to find Jonathan and Fish almost ready to get moving and get paddling. Fish was all suited up, his method is that body…

Day 3 Rest And Rejuvenation
Day 3 Rest and Rejuvenation

Huge shout out to technology on this one... Based on the weather predictions the westerly winds were really increasing, so despite the 10 foot southerly swell, conditions were not ideal. I had pre penciled in a 'rest day' for today…

Day 2 Birubi To Shoal Bay
Day 2 Birubi to Shoal Bay

After a much needed de brief last night we all decided on a few outfit changes for me to maximise keeping my body core temperature high enough to paddle safely, however this decision did result in me wearing palm tree…

Day 1 Newcastle To Birubi
Day 1 Newcastle to Birubi

Wow, what a whirl wind of learning and new experiences that was... I knew things wouldn't go 100% to plan but i didn't think they would bend as far from planned as they did on day 1! Paddling out of…

The Grey Areas Of DV
The Grey Areas of DV

People think domestic violence has to involve fists, bruises, physical pain and suffering. It’s the silent attacks that hurt the most, while physical scars and bruises heal and fade in time it’s the remnants of the emotional trauma that continue…

Mermaid On A Mission
Mermaid on a Mission

  A brief introduction to my story, my training, my adversity and my challenge...

Paddle Postponed And Rescheduled
Paddle Postponed and Rescheduled

The mind and body was ready... but the paddle had to be postponed. Training for any challenge, race or event is hard enough, as most people know that goal date or race date is crucial in terms of the physical…

‘Sea Of Change’ White Ribbon Ball
‘Sea of Change’ White Ribbon Ball

On May 1st 2016 Juliana will take on the challenge of a lifetime as she paddles north from Newcastle to Noosa covering 1000km in over 40 days to raise awareness and funds for the White Ribbon Foundation and Surfrider Foundation.…

Tick Tock
Tick Tock

The count down is on, with just under two months before I dive into the ocean for a challenge of a lifetime! I have an amazing network of people keeping my body in check as I prepare myself to paddle…

New Jamie Mitchell Board
New Jamie Mitchell Board

I'm excited to partner with Jamie Mitchell and ride one of him boards for my epic 1000km paddle from Newcastle to Noosa in May 2016. Not only is the board incredibly girly and pretty but the pink will provide some…

It Has Arrived
It Has Arrived

It has arrived... the beginning stages of my 1000km charity paddle funding page! Check it out, share the link, and the love!!! https://www.mycause.com.au/page/111541/mermaid-with-a-message

Pretty Excited!!!
Pretty Excited!!!

Pretty excited to feel the change in the air as Summer fast approaches! I have quite a few people interested in doing some training/board paddling with me in the Newcastle area which is great! In the next few weeks depending…

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