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Day 18 Scotts Head to Urunga

So today was a very different pace to the usual, the team decided that a river paddle was in order; and what  a good idea that turned out to be!

The ease of paddling with a constantly changing surrounding did wonders for me mentally, the surroundings became constant reminders of my progression. The lack of swell and any environmental assistance could have had the ability to crack me, yet it didn’t!

The cold water on the other hand nearly ruined me, i had no idea how cold still river water could be. Starting off in the morning i was concerned how i would be able to actually bare the cold, but soon after my hands went so numb it seemed ok.

Such a different environment provoked a fun and relaxed energy for both Fish on the jet ski and I. We were both recording the paddle on our GPS devices and decided it would be fun to draw swamp pictures in the water. I drew a heart and Fish tried writing his name.

As we made our way down the meandering river the mangroves turned into gum trees and then to tropical palms as we progressed to Nambucca. The water also changed it went from a black icey liquid to warmer golden tones and then onto crystal clear and aqua blues as the river met the sea.

The things we saw along the river were pelicans, endless national park lands, campers and caravaners, 1 fish, thousands of blue soldier crabs, multiple eagles; one even caught a fish and flew away with it and sat in a near by gum tree. The wing spans on the eagles was incredible, seeing them up close and personal truly amplifies their strength and magnificence.

Much later in the afternoon team Mermaid arrived at Urunga where i was informed that a dinner was booked for myself and the crew with some of the surf club members at the Ocean Views Restaurant , as well as a massage with Christine Miller (bowen/massage and reiki guru). The afternoon just kept getting better!!! The boys and i went for a quick sight seeing walk of the infamous Urunga board walk which was stunning, there were happy little sting rays cruising round, schools of fish and teens racing around catching Pokemon’s. All of the above captivated me so i downloaded the Pokemon app to see what all the fuss was about. It was all pretty straight forward until some little blue turtle appeared on the footpath infant of me and a weird bird thing was in the car. Both of which Fish managed to capture and i still had no idea what was going on except my excitement levels raising (no animals were harmed during this incident as the animals were all virtual little critters i was seeing through my phone).

The dinner with the surf club members was lovely so much appreciation to those that came out to have dinner with us and also for their incredible support and belief in me and what I’m doing!



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  1. Kay Thornton

    Great idea to go river paddling Juliana – pleased u enjoyed it

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