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Day 22 Wooli – Brooms Head

We all piled into the Mermaid Hilux and drove north to Brooms Head, after a fitful nights sleep writhing in agony from the pains in my shoulder and back I decided to take another rest day to allow myself sometime to recover.

Arriving at the Brooms Head Caravan Park we were lucky enough to get a cute little cabin on the top of a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean. Almost as exciting as the view was the washing machine and dryer! When you have spent almost 20 days at sea in the same wetsuits the thought of washing them is pretty exciting! So tomorrow will be a positive start all round, with dry fresh smelling wetsuits and a semi rested shoulder Im actually excited to get back on the water!

Once settled in and washing well under way Fish parted ways and readied himself for the long drive north to the Sunshine Coast. It was sad to see him go, he has shared so many highs and lows with me. He has picked me up so many times both on and off the water, the pep talks and motivation he has given me when i needed it most will never be forgotten. Fish has a way with people he is so fun and free spirited, yet if things need to take a serious tone he has that covered. I have been so lucky to have the support of both Fish and his partner Tedi for the first 500km of the paddle! I look forward to the catch ups and shenanigans to be had once destination Noosa has been reached!

Later in the afternoon Nick and i picked up Kim our new water safety merman and big wave surfer extrodenaire, his local knowledge will very much be appreciated. Im looking forward to checking out some of the outer reef breaks he does tow in surfing in the area! Over the next few days i will also paddle through a live military firing range. The military know when I’m paddling but have advised that i need to be out of a certain area by 2pm sharp as thats when things will get serious. It’s kind of ironic really, so many people have shared their concern about me being attacked by a shark when in actual fact i have a higher likelihood of being shot… (food for thought).

Going to bed with the air conditioned luxury of the ocean and luxury of the flat screen tv that we never turned on, already packed sorted and organised to paddle  tomorrow, the feelings were calmness and contentment!





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  1. Elizabeth and tom Bunn

    Dear Jules both tom and i have been watching your amazing journey with you never say die attitude. You are truly one fantastic woman. Love and calm seas as you paddle north☺☺

  2. Kay Thornton

    Lovely pics – nice to see some of the areas u are visiting….

  3. Chris Thomson

    You are strong and connected my little mermaid. You can do it! Love mutti x

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