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Day 33 North Stradbroke Island to Point Lookout

This morning was a morning I dreaded having to paddle, while physically I knew I had the capabilities it was the mental strength I was truly suffering with.

Nick and Beechy went to launch the ski while I was left in an attempt to regroup and ready myself to get in the water. I did my stretching, the rehab exercises, the muscle roller and downed a strong black coffee. Despite Nick really creating a pretty ‘interesting’ bowl of oats with chia seeds, goji berries and banana I couldn’t bring myself to touch it. I think it was the coffee and the morning motivation I began to receive from social media that really started to refuel my hunger for the days task ahead. So a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to write me messages and comments. Your words lifted me through the day and I’m sure they’ll assist me to the end of the paddle!

The entire process to get me on the water ended up taking a solid 2 hours, mean while Beechy sat on the ski awaiting my ocean arrival.

Nick walked across the mud flats with me carrying my board, as the tide was so low I had a few hundred metres to walk before I got into deep enough water to paddle.

The first hour literally flew by, I covered 7km and I actually started to enjoy myself. Things were looking up, I had a few snacks and washed it all down with a Red Bull. My energy levels and spirit began to return until again the projectile vomit returned… Despite conditions not being rough I guess I still suffer motion sickness!

As I paddled my way around Amity Point I discovered a small sandy point break. I couldn’t believe my eyes, aqua clear warm water, and perfectly rolling right hand waves. This island truly did hit paradise for me that moment. I don’t know where I found the energy from but for the next hour I chased waves. I was flying across the face of these waves all the way to the shore line. On two of the waves I somehow managed to get deep enough in the breaking wave to have the lip of the wave spill over the top of me and create a barrel. I was getting absolutely shacked out of my mind. I left this point break with energy levels soaring and motivation at an all time high.

I continued to paddle along this stunning open stretch of water for many more hours, I passed beach fishermen and was lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins swim by. The clarity of the water with the white contrast of the sand underneath me was almost hypnotizing with its perfection.

Once arriving back at the dolphin research station I was chatting with one of the staff as I snacked on my usual post paddle bowl of broccoli and quinoa. She asked how the day went and asked if I saw any of the bigger grey fish with the sharper teeth… I said I didn’t, but just felt a little eerie at one point before I got over that and started catching waves! She said that section of the island is very renowned for its BIG sharks. Ah well, it would have been magic to see one as the water was so incredibly clear!


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  1. Kay Thornton

    Have u thought of taking motion sickness pills?

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