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What does February, Shakespeare and Love have in common…


Never in my wildest dream would I have ever thought I would re visit and discover Shakespeare and his many plays post schooling graduation in 2006… but here I am, its Christmas eve 2017 and I’m diving in deep; re learning and critiquing the writer I once thought completely irrelevant.

As a trained and current Secondary Physical Education teacher who enjoys meddling with words and literature I have honestly never seen the correlation with Shakespeare and why still to this day high school students continue to study his plays and literature.

As a high school student I found some of Shakespeare’s work so highly confronting and graphic that I couldn’t see any deeper than the words or the performance before my eyes. It’s only now some 11 years post schooling that I am beginning to see the bigger picture, and gain insight into a world I wasn’t ready to see then, however I don’t know which kind or 16 or 17 year old is actually ready and capable to take on Shakespeare and all his grace!

Stay with me as I elaborate on my new found understandings and how I now see the relevance in Shakespeare’s work; and how even to this day it relates and correlates with our everyday lives! I admit I am beginning to understand and even enjoy Shakespeare’s work.

So much empowerment comes through language; words have the ability to hurt and the ability to heal with our words, it’s unfortunate that there is so much disregard and fluf that comes out of our mouths.

One of the most commonly studied Shakespearean plays within the Australian schooling curriculum is Othello. In short Othello is a play about a king who believed in love above all.

Many of us walk around society going through the mundane routines of our lives with our indicators on blindsiding us. Yet deep down within human nature we all crave the same thing.


That simply put is love, and to be loved.


Don’t believe me???


If each individual on this earth didn’t crave love companies wouldn’t have been able to monopolies on applications like Plenty of Fish, Tinder and Bumble just to name a few. Marketing and media are such powerful forces and influences within today’s society that they have developed companies to target us all on a global scale and manipulate our genuine human desires. These companies know we all want love and they are taking all of us for a ride in their false sense of security advertising, stating that we may actually find yours truly if we just keep swiping…!

I believe that within this modern day we all have the potential to be love and in love. All of this starts from within, if you don’t have love for yourself how on earth do you think you’ll be able to love another soul? Do the work on you and the rest is a positive ever changing history.

Anyway I digress; getting back to King Othello and his belief in love above all leads me to hope and inspiration, we do have these world shaking individuals living amongst us.

The day I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Lawson I discovered a modern day King Othello…

This is a guy with more love, passion, hope, belief and potential than you could possibly imagine. A moment with Nick fills you with energy to the core yet centers you and leaves you with peaceful placidness persona.

He’s a guy of extremes, which is how he connected and found me; seeing as I’m a girl of extremes… No one else in their right mind would spend 43 days at sea on a paddle board covering 1000km (you have no idea how pleased I am knowing that’s now a distant memory, even though I loved every brutal moment of it).

Nick on the other hand is keeping his toes dry in his extreme athletic pursuits, he is RUNNING a MARATHON a DAY for an entire YEAR covering AFRICA from South to North!


Did I mention he’ll be running barefoot… and why on earth he’s doing this?!

Very simply, for LOVE, that is all.


Nick believes that LOVE needs to become the for front and global focus of the ‘now’, ‘we are all humans, and underneath our skin we are all the same, lets love each other more’.

Nick hopes through his massive feet (pun intended) to spread a message of globally united love through.

  • Creating a global conversation about love
  • Spreading a message of belief and inspiration
  • Empowering individuals to learn to believe in their limitless capabilities
  • Increase support for the worlds most vulnerable
  • Show that we are all humans and just because our “roles” that we have fallen into fit a stereotype, does not mean that we are that stereotype
  • Have a lot of fun and bring smiles and laughter to the whole world along the way


NICK’S Run begins FEBRUARY 13TH, 2018




























To follow, support and track Nicks progress check out his web page link below

Send him some love xxx


Instagram @runforlove2018


Just remember we are all human, we are all searching for love and that feeling of belonging. Be gentle to one another, considerate and compassionate; cheers to 2018!


I hope you all spread the love and positive vibes from here on in, may both you and I find love!



The mapping and endless planning phase


Most people would be resting with their feet up before embarking on a years long marathon mission… Not Nick, he’s been building schools and communities for his prep!


This map provides a visual representation of the incredibly challenging year Nick has ahead






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