Paddle 1

It Has Arrived

It has arrived… the beginning stages of my 1000km charity paddle funding page! Check it out, share the link, and the love!!!

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  1. Molly Ryan

    You are so brave and I am hoping no injury’s for you. Have a nice time paddling along the sea. I also hope you don’t run into any sharks and end up armless or legless. Although my dad did say something about you seeing a shark a day or two ago.

  2. eve ashmore

    Hi Juliana,
    We heard about your mission on the radio ( KO FM ) in Newcastle where my dad works. I am 10 years old and am a nipper here on the coast at Sunshine Beach. We would like to meet up with you when you pass Perigian Surf Club and paddle to Sunshine Beach where dad patrols.
    If it is ok with you and i am not sure how much publicity you have been getting up this way we would like to contact Ron Lane of the Noosa News and see if we can get him to do a news article on Me and My cousin Fran ( nipper at noosa ) paddling out to support you in your quest. We could get a small press release from you to accompany the story in the paper with the donation link so people can donate.
    We donated last night and we are spreading the message and would like to help spread it more if you’d like us to.

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