Mermaid on a Mission


A brief introduction to my story, my training, my adversity and my challenge…

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  1. Superintendent Chris Craner

    Hi Julianna
    I’m the NSW Police Force Northern Region Domestic Violence Spokesperson. I’m currently the Commander at Port Stephens and know too well the struggle for funding for DV support agencies in this area. I’d love to grab you for a coffee and see how I can assist with your fantastic effort.
    Warm regards, Chris Craner

    1. admin

      Hi Chris, Thank you for the message! I’d love to get in touch with you while I’m in the area.
      Tomorrow (Tuesday 28th) is a rest day. Please email me to get in touch via the web page email, and hopefully we can work something out!
      Thanks again

  2. John Macleay

    Hi Juilana, I have been reading some of your blogs after your trip came to my attention via Facebook (yes, I donated, too) You should think seriously about putting together a book about your paddle from Newcastle to Noosa and about your reasons behind the trip to give the causes you are paddling for much wider attention, cheers

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